Soothing Music

Beautifully orchestrated album.

"Angels - the word conjures up many images in our minds - protector, guardian, friend. Their presence can be felt in the light in a child's eye, in the early morning wisps of fog in the forest, in the beauty of a sunset over the ocean, or in the presence of a friend next to you. The music of "Angels Around Us" is my attempt to remind us all of their heavenly presence in our lives and of the love they have for us, to light, to guard, and to guide." David Phillips

Angels Around Us, Into the Rainbow, Visit To Earth, Do Angels Cry?, I Believe in Angels, Happily Ever After, Road to Eternity, Morning Sunlight, Light In a Child's Eye, Angels in Disguise, A Rustle of Wings, A Dream Come True - all music composed, arranged and conducted by David Phillips - Produced by Robert Kochis.

Angels Around Us - Composer David Phillips - Produced by St. Anthony's Music/Gentle Spirit Music - CD
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"Angels Around Us"

"Light In A Child's Eye"

"A Rustle Of Wings"

The tranquility of the forest and the beauty of nature encourages you to explore a myriad of avenues. The composer gives us a glimpse of the abundance of creation at various times during the day: The stars of night, the early morning mist through the trees, the dancing drops of water in the rushing stream, the sun drenched flowers of a field in the afternoon, all conspire to delight the senses. (25,000 copies of this album have been sold worldwide in the last year due to the beautiful arrangements and gentle music!)

Starlight; Misty Morning; Waterdance: Reverie: Stephen's Cottage; Bittersweet Love; By The River's Edge; Winter's Thaw; Field of Flowers; Nightfall

Water Dance - Composer David Phillips - CD
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"Water Dance"

"Stephen's Cottage"


Celebrating the great abundance and diversity of life found in and around a Canadian Wetland. The tranquil yet lush sounds of nature unite with revitalizing and soothing music to create a relaxed and exhilarating out-of-doors experience. However, as you begin to drift and become absorbed in this peaceful program, please remember, we are losing our Wetlands and along with them the 300 different species of birds and 70 species of fish and mammals that rely on a wetland habitat.

Dawn At Tiny Marsh (Chris Mills); Storm At Luther Marsh (Chris Mills); A Dream Remembered (David Phillips)

Wetland Symphony - Composer David Phillips - CD [order form]

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A Dream Remembered

In our troubled and hectic world, we all need a time to refresh ourselves, moments to enrich our lives. The music of Kingswood enables you, the listener, to transport yourself to a fabled land of antiquity and enjoy that inner peace and tranquility, which we all seek. The haunting melodies, flowing and ethereal portray an ancient land of splendor, evoking in the listener a feeling of peace and timelessness. Journey into the music, letting it sweep your heart on a magical voyage toward the celestial realms of fantasy. The passport to serenity is in your hands. Enjoy the journey!

Forest Of Light; A Dream Remembered

Kingswood - Composer David Phillips - CD
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Forest of Light


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