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After 16 years, I regret to inform you that I am closing my business over the next few months due mainly because of the lack of sales for CDs. I have loved being part of your lives and selling beautiful music to each of you. I will do my best to let you know what is currently in stock on the order form. All CDs are now $11.00 (includes only those items in stock at the time of the order) God bless you. Susan Dixon, owner of Let's Celebrate Music and Order Form

Our company is dedicated to bring to the listener music that will offer peace, healing and inspiration. Contemporary and traditional Christian music in vocal and soothing instrumental formats.

After having been in business since 1989, Susan Dixon decided in 1997 to create a music website. Initially she wanted to have a small website that would feature most of Dave Phillips' music and also display her two albums. But to her surprise she started receiving inquiries from people around the world interested in the music she offered. They wanted the music to air on their radio stations or distribute. Currently we have the following artists: David Phillips, Chuck Girard, Robert & Robin Kochis, Daniel Kobialka, Bob Kilpatrick, His Majesty's Musician's and Susan Dixon. We are also pleased to announce that we are expanding our business to include the Born to Sing vocal training course as well as photo greeting cards. Follow us on Facebook for specials about our products!

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