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A Message from Susan Dixon


Welcome! God and Music have always been a part of my life. My grandfather was a songwriter and musician (drummer) in a band in Liverpool and I have always wanted to be a songwriter and sing, so many years ago when I sang my first solo at a Shekinah Fellowship meeting, I knew then that I wanted to do something with the small talent that I had and give it to God, hoping that He would bless my efforts. Through those years I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting some very talented people who have helped me along the way: Dave Phillips, a gifted musician and friend to my husband and me. He has always encouraged me to sing and I have had the privilege of singing on 8 albums which he has produced. Howard Austin, a talented songwriter and voice teacher also taught me the fundamentals of singing and brought out the gift that God gave me to write songs and sing for Him. I am thankful to God for the gifts these wonderful musicians have shared with me.

Randy and I have been involved in two healing ministries: "Shekinah Fellowship" which was based in Long Beach, California. We started out seeking a healing for my illness. I had thrombophlebitis (blood clots) in my right leg and had been hospitalized. The Lord healed me during one of their services. Through that life changing experience, we became choir members and eventually had the wonderful opportunity to pray for people in the congregation. I also became Rev. Brant Baker's personal secretary for a duration of two years. After leaving Shekinah Fellowship, we became involved in "Life In The Spirit Ministries" with Rev. Patti Damus for one year and traveled with her to various outreach ministries. During that time, we also attended Toluca Lake Trinity Church in Burbank, California of which we were choir members, prayer team and I was head of the Tuesday night Prayer meetings for about a year. Randy and I also served as Deacon and Deaconess for two years.

In February of 1998 we visited Valley Foursquare Church in Northridge, California. We were invited by Chuck Girard, (Randy and I knew his sister in Shekinah Fellowship many years ago and were friends with her) and he told us he was Worship Leader at the Valley Foursquare church. Randy and I found very warm and loving people there. Since that meeting I have been volunteering my time for Chuck's Ministry. It's been a wonderful experience working for his ministry and God has really blessed us spiritually.

We currently attend Shepherd of the Hills Church which is close to home and has solid teaching from the Word of God. But we are always open to where God is leading. We also go with Chuck Girard if he is ministering in the Southern California area and help in any way we can. We have been to some really wonderful Churches and thoroughly enjoy visiting and being a part of their services.

I hope that you enjoy the music on the site and that it brings peace to you as you listen.

May God richly bless you.

Susan Dixon
Owner of Music4us.com and Let's Celebrate Music