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Born to Sing

Born to Sing Master Course

This is a great product and we are proud to introduce it on The course is easy to understand and you get quick results on technique and style. The DVD illustrates Breathing, Support, Focus and more. Included also are 5 CDs: Technique, Style, Vocals, and 30 minute Exercises for high and low voice.

"This powerhouse program is from the authors of the "Born To Sing" series, "Sing Like A Pro" and the "Vocal Power Method". This million seller course gives you step-by-step demonstrations, music tracks to sing with and over 300 song phrases and exercises".

PLAY CLIP mp3 audio sample1 - Introduction - time 1:03

Born To Sing DVD - illustrating Breathing, Support, Focus, Resonating Sace, Consonants, Volume Control, Vibrato, Placement, Registers, Pop Mix, Classical Mix

TECHNIQUE CD covers: * Breath support * vibrato * range * resonance * pitch accuracy * falsetto * head voice * chest voice * smoothing out the 'break' between registers * volume control * projection * holding notes & long phrases... and more.

STYLE CD covers: Pop * Rock * Country * Blues * R&B * Broadway * Phrasing * Improvisation * How to Find your own sound & Personal Style

SUPER VOCALS CD gives you 'licks' and tricks for every style

SING-AEROBICS CD - 30 minute daily work-out / High & Low voice - Warm up at home or "on the road".

VIBRAMETRICS CD - Focus on vibrato training and voice balancing - 27 tracks

  • Includes a DVD and 5 CDs for $59.95   Order Form

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